The experts for the composite technology.


is a company, which is involved in the development and the marketing of film for vacuum technology in the composite technology sector. Our films are used in the processes of the composites industry.

In addition to those products, VABATEC GmbH develops also speciality films according to customers’ ideas and needs.

First and foremost quality is defined by our customers. Therefore we strive for excellent and reproducible product attributes, dependable delivery, an attractive cost-performance ratio, dependable products, custom-made technical support, and the development of products and services. It is our goal to render it possible for our customers to benefit from our newest options.
Research and development for us is finding solutions in the direct contact with our customers as well as the creation of products and support services, which is of added value to VABATEC and its customers. In addition the optimization of the entire value added chain in favor of the specific wishes of our customers.
is a solid stand on the market of the composite sector in the field of vacuum films. We achieve this with high standards of quality, a high degree of service and an even higher customer satisfaction.
is designing the future today. The conservation of nature is worthwhile. Hence, we take our responsibility of environmental protection and the dealing with the available resources very seriously. Because the future belongs to our CHILDREN!
We invest yearly up to 10% in R&D.

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